Monday, January 3, 2011

Lambing - Who Will be Next?

Sheep are pregnant for 5 months, and often deliver at night.

We have 9 ewes, with Blackie already having had her lambs, it was a guess to see which ewe would be next.

Could it be Dark Brown Barbado?  She looks pretty large and has always had twins.  It probably won't be Baby Katahdin, isn't she cute? she is one of the 2010 lambs that looked like puppies, tucked in behind, and of course it won't be the Ram further back...

Will it be Diamond, or Favorite?  Diamond looks pretty big, and has always had triplets, she is an awesome mother.  Favorite, in behind, is Blackie's mom, the year she had Blackie she gave birth to the lambs and walked away, they would have died if not for a stroke of luck (Blackie's first year story here).  This was the result of Favorite having some kind of brain damage, likely from a stroke, you may have already read about Favorite Sheep.  With proper care Favorite had healthy twins last year, and we are watching her closely again.

These three ewes are the biggest, other runners up include Patsy, our Jacob cross with 5 horns.  I imagine we won't have to wait long to see which ewe is the next to give birth.

Read more about how sheep give birth - click here.

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