Sunday, January 23, 2011

One Lamb for Mrs Brown Katahdin

Mrs Brown Katahdin was found in the morning tucked into the big stall she had one lamb at her side.  We had left the stall door open since there were so many sheep now, and all were able to go out in the day. 

Temperatures were finally above freezing, it had been a nice night, and with the exception of the fact that the door had blown open allowing those who wanted to, free access to the hay outside, all was well. 

Mrs Brown Katahdin is a full sister to White Katahdin who had her lambs aready. 

Anyhow... Mrs Brown is very protective of her lamb, a ewe lamb, she stomps her foot just like her mom did, trying to scare me off.  I have shut them into the stall for the day.  Her lamb is big since it is the only one she had, and although the lamb was playing earlier, she was resting when I returned with the camera.

Ain't she cute?

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