Friday, January 7, 2011

Meet Blackie Sheep

Blackie Sheep had a rough start. She was born on a cold and windy day, the temperatures were below freezing. Her poor mom gave birth to twins, and simply wandered away. Blackies mom is Favorite sheep, a ewe who had a stroke earlier that year – she had not even looked pregnant.

As extreme luck would have it we found Blackie and her sister only minutes after being born, still wet, laying in the snow, as we happened to be going outside to take some pictures of other lambs that had been born only a few days earlier.

We had to bottle feed them both, it was a lot of work, and cost a bundle. At one point Blackie gave me a scare. A tiny amount of chicken scratched had leaked from the bag, and she ate that, I assume this was what caused the problem because later that night when it was time to bottle feed, poor Blackie lamb had swollen up like a balloon. She could barely walk and was fully disoriented. I gave her some tummy medicine from the vet, and went to bed with thoughts and worries about finding her dead the next morning.

Blackie at age day one (insert) and exactly one year later.

As luck would fall on Blackie again – she was fine, and grew up to be a beautiful sheep. We sold her white sister, and made sure to watch Favorite Sheep more closely (she is mentally better, but physically doesn't look too good sometimes with her tongue hanging out of her mouth).

Blackies second birth day is January 11, 2011, she has been a mother twice, this last time of triplets, but sadly she lost one at birth.  She is one of our more friendly sheep and always "Chatty".

Meet Favorite Sheep - Blackies mom


  1. i too have a black sheep. but m wondering 'Why do black sheep eat less than white ones?'its with my sheep only or you also feel same like me..and they are also not as many of them.

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  2. Blackie sheep's wool are now brown. Wondering how thick that was. Have seen lots of sheeps before but they were all white. Not like this one.

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  3. Wow. What a cute black sheep. Reminds me of a nursery rhyme, "Bah bah black sheep." Nice post. :-)

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