Monday, April 2, 2012

Designing a Fractal Lamb

Hi Everyone.

Today is sunny out so what am I doing inside?  Well, I had this picture I took of one of the lambs a few days ago and really wanted to do something different with it.  This is one of Favorite Sheep's lambs, and the lamb looks great but the background is distracting.  I am no expert on improving a background the proper way, but I do know how to alter a photo a fun way. 

I am writing this without knowing what the final image will look like, as I will be doing it as I write, so I hope it turns out as good as I expect.

Here is the original photograph, cropped to remove even more clutter.  Cute lamb but she is almost lost because of the snow, so I will add some color, dark ones to make her pop out.

At this stage I know it does not look good, I colored her eyes black and added a twinkle which I hope will turn out okay in the final image.  Which will be produced by tweeking the picture using Corel Photo Paint Redfield effect called Fractalius.

I produced a couple of images I was happy with, one softer and one more arty.  I am going to share the more arty one with you.  You can see the softer one here.  Neither are what I was expecting.  I think I would have preferred a solid background for both - but I will leave that for another day because now I must go clean the barn.  Anyhow here is the image.

Note all pictures are copyright to me, not for reproduction.


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  2. That lamb is adorable! I think I like the arty one over the softer one a bit. The subject would probably look cute any way its done!

  3. Very cute! I do art as well. On my New Jersey History blog I like to use GIMP to turn my images "vintage" looking.

  4. The lamb is so cute! any of the 3 pictures looks so beautiful. Final product is really done well and it is really an effort to that kind of editing. So cool and so cute to have that kind of smiling lamb.

  5. Hey nice art! It's very unique and individual.

    We are pop culture blog/organization to help stop animal cruelty! Thanks!

  6. heheh cute lambies...
    i have Beautiful boarder designs to fix these lambs into any photo frames...

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