Sunday, March 11, 2012

Best Features in a Proper Farmhouse Kitchen

I had to laugh the other day when I came across a blog showcasing a "Farmhouse kitchen".   It was all wrong.  Where was the dog hair?  Why was the floor so clean?  How come no fencing tools could be seen on the counters, not even a hammer!  Why didn't they have a Farmers Almanac?  I am pretty sure the apples in the crystal bowl on the table were either plastic or store bought.  There was not even a coat hanging off the back of a chair.  What kind of farm house kitchen have you ever seen that looks picture perfect?

I thought I would make a point by taking a photo of my farmhouse kitchen table.  My husband pointed out I should have staged the photo better and added a fencing tool and nails, as well as a pair of gloves.  I should have even placed our bidding card from the auction market on the table too!  As it stands you can see the container holding milk replacement formula that we have to give one of the triplets, the bottle we use to give it in, and the nipple, a bag of cat food, a bucket - we have no running water in the barn so I have to take water out by hand.

At least in a few weeks I can put away the boots piled up in the background, and some of the coats can go away too.  It is finally melting! 

Anyhow folks, this is what a real country kitchen looks like, this is real farmhouse decor.  Stop by a livestock feed and supply store if you want to replicate it in your home, and pick up your supplies.  

Speaking of supplies, as I did not include it in the picture above, and my husband had mentioned it, I want to show you a fencing tool which is a real "must have" item on any farm.  It pulls nails with ease in addition to working as a hammer and has other uses.

Diamond Fence Tool Diamond Fence Tool
For wood and steel posts on ranch or farm Heavy-duty lock-joint construction with oval faced jaws Start and pull point on one jaw with corrugated hammer head on the other Pulls staples, lifts lugs, and splices wires-wire strecher behind joint Solid drop forged carbon steel blades Heat treated, milled face design Non-slip coated green handles

Happy decorating!

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